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funding ideas for schools

Need help funding your Theatre Espresso performance or workshop? We asked some of our repeat bookers to share their strategies. Here are a few tips:

  • Apply to your Local Cultural Council for grant funding.
    LCCs can support field trips, in-school performances, and workshops.


  • Coordinate with your school’s PTO liason.
    Many PTOs are able to finance all or part of the cost of TE performances, whether through funds already budgeted for enrichment activities, or through dedicated fundraising events.


  • Seek sponsorship from businesses and individual supporters in your community.
    Several schools reported success approaching area banks, corporate sponsors, or individual supporters in the community who welcomed an opportunity to support student learning in the areas of civil rights, social justice, and inclusion.


  • Join forces with another school (or four!) in your town.
    For small or medium-sized schools, combining efforts with one or more nearby schools can significantly lower costs. For instance, say you’d like your 8th graders to see The Nine Who Dared. One performance at your school would cost $2200. If, however, you invited another school to bring their 8th graders over to see the show immediately afterwards, the cost for two shows back-to-back is $3300, or $1650 per school -- a savings of almost $500. If the classes are small enough, and you could fit both schools into one performance, the savings would be even greater. We’ve seen a lot of different (successful!) permutations of this model. Let us know if you’d like to discuss options - we’d be happy to help you coordinate.


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