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Theatre Espresso is continually searching for ways to extend the reach of its programs to new venues and audiences. We couldn’t do this without the generous support of many individual donors and the foundations listed on this page. Below are some recent examples of projects supported by our funders:

  • A NEA Challenge America Fast-Track Award for supporting performances of American Tapestry for every 8th grade public school student in Lawrence, MA.

  • A three-year residency at the Lawrence Heritage State Park Visitors Center so that every 5th grade public school student in Lawrence could see American Tapestry at the LHSPVC.

  • A five-year residency of The Nine Who Dared at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston.

  • The researching and writing of our newest drama, American Tapestry: Immigrant Children of the Bread & Roses Strike.

  • A residency of The Trial of Anthony Burns at the Orchard House, Concord, for Revere public school students.

  • Financing of bus transportation for BPS students to the John Adams Courthouse.

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Donations by check can be payable to "Theatre Espresso" and mailed to:

Theatre Espresso, Inc

43 Boynton St, #1L

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

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