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Theatre Espresso is now offering Virtual Performances and Workshops in addition to our in-person programs. Dramas currently available for school year 2023-24 are:

Wake up to history!

Theatre Espresso uses Theatre in Education to teach young people to think critically. We believe that student participation is the key to intellectual engagement with history, issues of human rights, and the concept of justice. Our historical dramas empower students to explore the parallels between historical events and contemporary issues. By putting students in role as Supreme Court Justices, state senators, or members of a jury, our actors invite them to reflect on and debate the issues raised by our plays. We are committed to the idea that educational theatre provides an ideal learning medium for promoting civic engagement. 

"The members of this audience for the new historical drama [by Theatre Espresso] understand right away they will not be passive spectators behind an invisible fourth wall. They will hold serious responsibilities to debate law and morality, to question public officials and to make decisions vital to the future of their society."

"Habeas Theatre," Jonathan Shandell
American Theatre Magazine, May 2004

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