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EPA Audition

Theatre Espresso will be holding it's annual EPA for season 2023 - 2024


Date:         Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Location:  Central Square Theatre

                   450 Massachusetts Ave

                   Cambridge, MA 02139

Time:        9am – 5pm (1pm - 2pm break)

*We will see non-equity actors as time allows.*

What to Prepare:

Actors should prepare a brief monologue, but may be asked to stay and read from sides.

In Attendance: Artistic Director Shelley Bolman, Company Manager Danny Bolton, and Stage Manager Nicole van der Laan

To Request an Appointment

Please email Include a preferred time frame for your appointment. Actors may also attend without an appointment and will be seen as time allows.

*Non-equity actors may email for an audition appointment which will be added as time allows.*

Performance Information

AEA Contract:       Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) Tier II, per performance contract

Minimum Salary:   $92.75/1 performance

Rehearsal Dates:  Rehearsals for all shows will be held between Sept. 5 – Oct 20

Show Run Dates:  All *FIVE* shows listed under Our Shows will be available for tour from October 10th, 2023 - June 19th, 2024

Roles Available

We will be considering both primary actors as well as understudies for the following shows/roles:


American Tapestry: Immigrant Children of the Bread and Roses Strike - by Megan Cooper, Wendy Lement,

and Derek Nelson 

Director - Shelley Bolman

Carmella Teoli – Female, any race

Mrs. Teoli/Ensemble - Female, any race

Mrs. Wannarzyk Ensemble - Female, any race

Mrs. Wade/Ensemble - Female, any race

Victoria/Ensemble - Female, any race

Mr. Teoli/Ensemble - Male, any race

Chairman Henry - Male, any race

Samuel Goldberg/Ensemble - Male, any race

Father Milanese/Ensemble - Male, any race


Justice at War - The Japanese Internment Camps - by Mimi Katano, Wendy Lement, and Jordan Winer 

Director - Shelley Bolman

General John L. DeWitt – Male, Caucasian

Solicitor General Fahey - Male/Female, any race

Mitsuye Endo - Female, Asian

Purcell - Male/Female, any race

Chief Justice Stone - Female/Male, any race

Bailiff - Male/Female, any race


The Trial of Anthony Burns - by Bethany Dunakin and Wendy Lement 

Director - Shelley Bolman

Anthony Burns - Male, African American

Rev. Grimes/Ensemble - Male, African American

Colonel Suttle/Wendell Phillips - Male, Caucasian

Theodore Parker/Ensemble - Female, any race

Richard Henry Dana/Ensemble - Male, Caucasian

Judge Edward Loring/Ensemble - Male, Caucasian

State Senate Chairman/Ensemble - Male, Caucasian


Uprising on King Street: The Boston Massacre - by Christopher Robin Cook, Wendy Lement, and Derek Nelson

Director - Shelley Bolman

Captain Thomas Preston - Male, any race

Judge Trowbridge/Phillis Wheatly/Ensemble - Female, African American

Abigail Adams/Ensemble - Female, any race

Mrs. Hartigan/Ensemble - Female, any race

Sam Adams/Andrew & Ensemble - Male, African American

John Adams/Ensemble - Male, any race

Robert Paine/Ensemble - Male, Caucasian

Hennessey/Ensemble - Male, any race

The Nine Who Dared: Crisis in Little Rock - by Wendy Lement, Derek Nelson, and Clifford Odle

Director - Shelley Bolman
Ernest Green - Male, African American

Melba Patillo - Female, African American

Mrs. Bates/Minnijean Brown - Female, African American

Miss Huckaby/Ensemble - Female, Caucasian

Ensemble - Female, Caucasian

Reverend Chrenshaw/Ensemble - Male, African American

Governor Faubus/Ensemble - Male, Caucasian

Ben Fine/Ensemble - Male, Caucasian

Ensemble - Male, Caucasian 

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